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Chocolate lovers unite! 20% off the original price for our newest chocolatey creations.
Absolutely the sweetest deal!

Did you know that one jar of nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds? Nutella was initially created as a cheaper alternative to chocolate and was made by combining hazelnuts and cocoa.

Indulge in Casa Del’s baked nutella ricotta cake. A divine combination of the chocolatey hazelnut goodness of Nutella and Casa Del’s ricotta cheese.
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You also need to try our nutella shortbread! Sandwiched together with nutella and half-dipped in smooth dark chocolate, these are the perfect comfort food for young and old alike!
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​Gluten free? We’ve got you covered,​ try​ the ultra delicious flourless mud teardrop topped with chocolate ganache. Truly a winner dessert!
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Order now and use TRYME to utilise the incredible discount!

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