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G day mate! Holidays are over but it s not too long until Australia Day! This is a chance to come together and celebrate how lucky we are to live in this amazing nation. More than just another public holiday, this is a national day dedicated to eating well-loved Aussie treats! Check out our specialised range below for the perfect additions to your Australia Day celebrations!

The FAT Lamington:
Celebrate in true-blue Aussie style with an iconic dessert. Try our absolutely enjoyable FAT lamington cake with a layer of fresh jam and cream in the middle.
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Flavoursome in every mouthful, Casa Del s Aussie classic lamingtons are made of vanilla sponge, coated in chocolate frosting and generously sprinkled coconut.
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Australia Day lamington cupcake:
Get into the patriotic spirit of our national day with these moist vanilla cup cakes with a lamington top, decorated with an Aussie flag.
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Aussie Macaroon Pack: 
The classic macaroons perfect for afternoon tea or after your barbie. Our highly-rated pistachio and passionfruit macaroons are a great splash of green and gold to your Aussie day festivities. Comes in boxes of 9.
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