Baptism & Christening Cakes

All Speciality cakes require 5-7 working days’ notice, view our Baptism & Christening gallery below and contact us for a quote.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”5452″ alignment=”center” onclick=”link_image” title=”Communion Buttercream Round”]

This communion cake is a simple buttercream round with a Handmade Iced Blue Cross and Writing to go with.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”5454″ alignment=”center” title=”Butterfly Buttercream”]

This gorgeous butterfly buttercream has become one of our favourites! Decorated with buttercream icing, simple pink ribbon and butterfly decor.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”5456″ alignment=”center” title=”Christening Blocks”]

A masterpiece Christening cake for this special festivity. Designed with fondant icing, name blocks and little baby booties. Birthday message in buttercream piping decor is available.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”5458″ alignment=”center” title=”Naked Floral” img_size=”300*350″]

A Spectacular Naked beauty. This 2 tier 10″ and 7″ double stack is finished with semi naked buttercream, a floral elegant arrangement and ‘God Bless’ topper.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”5860″ title=”Pink Elegance” img_size=”400*400″]

A gorgeous christening cake decorated with buttercream finish and pink dripping ganache. Decorated with simple white and pink roses for a special touch!

[vc_mad_single_image image=”6320″ title=”Pink Baptism” img_size=”300*350″]

Pink Sacrament cake decorated with buttercream finish and pink dripping ganache. Decorated with pink brush strokes and gold leaf, with a religious cross to top the cake.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”1385″ alignment=”left” onclick=”link_image” title=”Teddy Bear Cake”]

This 2 tier square cake is best made from one of our delicious mud flavours. It os finished in royal icing with iced polka dots and topped with a hand made teddy bear.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”1390″ alignment=”left” onclick=”link_image” title=”New Baby Cake”]

This cake is a 24″ x 16″ slab cake that can be made from any of our sponge or mud flavours. With the option of buttercream or fresh cream, this cake is decorated with hand made iced booties and flowers with a piped border.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”1383″ alignment=”left” onclick=”link_image”]

Best made from one of our mud flavours this beautifully simple cake is a 1.5 stack coated in royal icing. It is decorated with a stroller cake topper and hand made iced letter blocks.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”1386″ alignment=”left” onclick=”link_image” title=”2 Tier Quilted Block Cake”]
SKU- C10

This 2 tier cake has a quilted bottom with hand piped dots. The top layer is finished with a ribbon and a diamante cross. The cake is decorated with hand made iced baby shoes and block letters.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”1380″ alignment=”left” onclick=”link_image” title=”Baby Shoes & Butterfly Cake”]
SKU- C11

This simple 2 tier cake is coated in white royal icing with white ribbon and fabric butterflies. It is topped with a pair of hand made iced baby shoes and is best suited to one of our famous mud flavours.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”2797″ title=”Iced Baby Blue 7” Cake”]
SKU- C12

Iced Baby Blue 7” Cake with Blue Ribbon, with an Iced Baby Blue Board decorated with a decorative ornament and writing.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”2798″ title=”Iced Square Cake”]
SKU- C13

Iced Square Cake decorated with a handmade Iced Cross and diamantes and writing.

[vc_mad_single_image image=”1388″ alignment=”left” onclick=”link_image” title=”New Baby Pillow Cake”]
SKU- C14

This 1.5 stack cake is hand carved into a pillow shape and iced with a quilted look. The cake is finished with diamantes on each square, iced block letters and hand made iced baby shoes and rattle.