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The weather is starting to heat up, so why not cool down with our extensive range of gelato in Marrickville. With the Spring and Summer upon us, Casa Del have created a range of fruity flavours to match. Perfect for lazy days by the pool or as a treat to yourself. Here are a few of our flavours on offer.

Tropical Flavours

Tropical flavours are bold and refreshing, and in Australia we are lucky to produce some of the best tropical fruit in the world. Sample our award-winning Mango Tropical gelato, made from delicious QLD Alphonso mangos. The fresh taste and smooth texture is perfect for those hot summer days.
Love bananas? Then you need to try our NEW Banoffee Gelato. We use fresh bananas and blend them with caramel and choc chip to provide a unique taste experience like no other. Everyone loves a banoffee pie, but now you can get your fix in gelato form.

Lemon Sorbet

Lemons are the ideal summer fruit. They are tart and refreshing, and when combined with fresh milk they produce a silky smooth and zesty treat for the warmer weather. Made in a traditional Italian style with fresh Aussie lemons, our Lemon Sorbet must surely be the most refreshing gelato in Marrickville.

Sweet Strawberry

Strawberries are grown all year round in Australia, and thanks to our warm and sunny climate they we produce some of the sweetest and highest quality berries in the world. Our Sweet Strawberry is a classic flavour and 100% natural. Fresh strawberries are blended with fresh cream to produce a wonderfully smooth gelato with strawberry pips throughout. The Sweet Strawberry flavour is a popular choice with our customers. A must try for the berry lover.

Casa Del boasts some of the best Gelato in Marrickville! All our gelato is made from fresh Australian fruit and dairy, and there is a flavour for everyone. If you’re looking for a fruity and refreshing treat for the warmer months, then try our gelato range today.

Available in sizes: 125ml cups (box of 12), 1L Tub and 5L tubs.

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