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Ricotta cheesecake  are always a winner. This smooth, decadent dessert with a buttery French shortbread base is sure to delight your taste buds. Casa Del make a famous range of different flavoured ricotta cheesecake Sydney residents are sure to fall in love with. Made with the finest ingredients by our expert pastry chefs, they are the ultimate treat. Whether you are looking for some small, individual portions or a large, visually dazzling ricotta cheesecake – we have them all. Allow us to tempt you with some of our most popular products.

Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes Sydney

Our mini ricotta tarts are perfect for both small and large gatherings. These single serve tarts are baked to perfection to produce a wonderful golden colour. They are available in two flavours, raspberry and Nutella. The Raspberry ricotta tarts use only the finest raspberries which sit proudly within the baked ricotta. If you love hazelnut and chocolate, then you must try the Nutella flavour. Each tart is topped with blobs of everyone’s favourite hazelnut and cocoa spread for an indulgent treat. For a special finishing touch, we decorate the tarts with a fine dusting of pure icing sugar. Our mini ricotta tarts come in a box of 9, so they are ideal for office celebrations. Give them a go today!

Large Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake Sydney

Our full-size cheesecakes really make a statement. We have plain baked ricotta cheesecakes, but we can also decorate them with chocolate scrolls to add a bit of height and wow factor. The rich chocolate taste combines wonderfully with our ricotta cheese blend. We also add torrone pieces for decoration and crunch. To top it all off we sprinkle a fine dusting of icing sugar. A must try!

Large Baked Nutella Ricotta Cake Sydney

Love cheese, chocolate and hazelnut? Then our large Baked Nutella Ricotta Cake is made for you! Treat yourself to our famous ricotta cheese which is carefully blended with Nutella swirls before being topped with Nutella spread and decorated around the perimeter with chocolate scrolls. It is a taste of heaven in every bite, don’t miss out on trying this incredible creation.

Is your mouth watering for our famous ricotta cheesecakes Sydney? Then get in touch to place an order today!

Phone: 02 9550 5982
Website: www.casadel.com.au

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