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If you are looking to give a cake your own personal touch, here are some easy things you can do at home to decorate.

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are a fantastic way to practice cake decorating at home. This has become a huge trend in cake decorating, and for good reason. You would be surprised at how many edible flowers could be growing just outside your kitchen door. Many flowers have edible petals which are ideal for cake decoration. With striking colours and natural beauty, they are the perfect accompaniment to buttercream or fondant icing. Popular choices include violet, pineapple sage, blue starflower, nasturtium and marigold. Always be sure to use pesticide free flowers, and if you don’t feel comfortable identifying them yourself, buy from a reputable source.

Coloured Icing Splatter

Show your artistic flair by splattering some coloured icing on top of the cake. Every cake will be unique, and the colours will run and blend into each other – just like an abstract painting. The options for experimenting are endless. Maybe you like a bright blue, or maybe even a neon green? You could even use every colour of the rainbow – it’s up to you, just have fun!

Fresh Berries

Everyone loves berries! They look incredible with their vibrant blue, black and red colours and provide just the right amount of acidity to counter the sweetness of the cake. They are also incredibly healthy and packed with antioxidants, so you can have your cake and eat it too!  Fresh berries taste best, so why not make it an excuse to pop down to your local farmers market and see what’s in season.  Fresh berries are an ideal option for cake decorating at home.

Hundreds and Thousands

Hundreds and thousands are a classic option for cake decorating at home. They are fun, fast to work with and readily available. Hundreds and thousands will stick best to buttercream icing. Try coating your entire cake in them – it will add texture, colour and interest that can’t be achieved any other way. You could even take it a step further and dress it with a ribbon or cake topper. Give it a go!

Coloured buttercream

Buttercream icing is easy to make and tastes great. You can add a pop of colour by adding a few drops of food colouring to the mix. You could then try a mix of piping and spreading to achieve different textures on your cake. Food colouring is available in a wide variety of colours, so feel free to experiment.

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