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If you’re looking for the best contemporary cakes Sydney, you’ve just found them!

Glazed cakes are the latest trend in the cake world, and no doubt you’ve come across some of these incredible creations on social media. Australians are enamored by sweet treats and contemporary design, which has made way for innovation and the discovery of new techniques within the cake industry.

Glazed cakes feature a smooth, shiny and reflective surface which makes them a sight to behold. Whilst you can opt for a simple one-colour glaze, marbling is also possible. The glazed surface is also the perfect canvas for decoration, whether it be macaroons, chocolate pieces, berries or fresh flowers. Due to the highly reflective surface, these cakes have also been referred to as ‘mirror cakes’.

Glazed cakes are perfect for any occasion. The contemporary, elegant finish will fit right in whether it’s a birthday celebration or a wedding. Don’t be surprised if the cake takes the spotlight, this trend is super popular in Australia – everyone will want to get a snap!

The expert pastry chefs at Casa Del have recently come up with 3 new glazed cakes. There is a flavour for everyone! Choose from our Glazed Sticky Date, Glazed Red Velvet and Glazed White Alaska. Glazed cakes look almost too good to eat, some say they look good enough to hang on a wall! But with flavours such as these, how could you possibly resist?

If you’re a fan of glazed cakes and contemporary design, then check out Casa Dels’ new range of contemporary cakes Sydney! Check our social media pages for more: Facebook & Instagram

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