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The summer is the perfect time of year to treat yourself. Casa Del offer a wide range of award winning gelato to help you keep your cool under the hot Aussie sun. Our gelato is available in cups and tubs ranging from 125ml through to 5L, so there’s plenty to go around. We have the best gelato Marrickville can offer, here are our top flavour picks for summer refreshment:

Fresh Mint Choc Chip
Mint and chocolate, a cooling taste sensation perfectly fitting for the summer. Dig in to our cool peppermint gelato which has been blended with dark choc-chips. This combination is our number one pick for summer, as it delivers a refreshing, minty blast with every bite.

Panna Cotta
One of our most popular flavours, the Pannacotta Caramello is a DIAA award winning gelato made from cooked cream. It has luscious swirls of caramel sauce throughout, resulting in a smooth and indulgent dessert. Panna Cotta is a classic, and it’s a hit with children and adults alike.

Sweet Strawberry
We take fresh Aussie strawberries to create a naturally fruity and refreshing gelato. We even leave the strawberry pips in, giving our strawberry gelato rustic appeal and excellent flavour. Silky, smooth and delicious – you can’t go past this one.

An Italian favourite, perfect for summer in Australia. The perfect blend of chocolate and hazelnut gelato finished off with crunchy chocolate hazelnut pieces throughout. Rich, creamy and ideal for the warmer months.

Lemon Sorbet
This one’s for the citrus lovers, and quite possibly the most refreshing of all. Our famous lemon sorbet is made from fresh lemons. We strike the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Each bite is full of tangy refreshment that cleanses the palate and rejuvenates the soul. Perfect for lazy afternoons in the sun or days at the beach.

If you find yourself searching for gelato Marrickville, look no further. Treat yourself to our refreshing gelato this summer and experience the Casa Del difference.

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