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Everyone loves biscuits. They are perfect both on their own and as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea. Casa Del have an awarding winning 25-year history, and our customers tell us that we make the best biscuits in Sydney. Don’t believe us? Then you’ll just have to try them for yourself. Here is a selection of some of the most popular biscuits in our range.

Shortbread Biscuits 

Shortbread is a favourite loved by everyone. These buttery delights make for a melt in the mouth experience unlike any other. At Casa Del, we make our shortbread using fresh New Zealand butter and Australian flour. Our biscuits are baked daily to provide every customer with a wonderful experience. Shortbread is the basis of most of our biscuits, and there are some great flavours on offer.

Raspberry Shortbread
Our raspberry shortbread comes in a box of 12. A delicious raspberry jam filling is housed between two circular pieces of shortbread which are then dusted with icing sugar. There is a circular cut out in the middle to expose the luscious jam filling. We also have a choc dipped option as well as our ever popular ½ dipped Butterfinger.  Any of these biscuits make a great pairing with afternoon tea.

Smartie Cookie – a childhood favourite and a classic option for any celebration. Our smartie cookie features a buttery vanilla biscuit which is decorated with colourful smarties. Yum!

Choc Chip Cookie – everyone loves chocolate. Our choc chip cookie combines delicious choc chips with our famous vanilla biscuit and is baked to perfection. These golden beauties are impossible to resist.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie – for the nut lover. We use the finest Royal Swiss White Chocolate and Australian macadamia nuts and coconut to deliver a delicious experience every time. The sweetness of the chocolate and the crunchy texture of the macadamias work together beautifully.

Napoli Biscuit – a taste of Italy. Our Napoli biscuit blends diced sultana’s and dates to form a smooth paste that is then sandwiched between our shortbread and topped with almond flakes. You really must try it, it is something a little different and one of the best biscuits in Sydney.

Nutella Biscuits – love the rich taste of cocoa and hazelnut? Our Nutella range includes two different types of biscuits. Select from the Nutella Crescent or Nutella Shortbread and experience just how good the combination can be. Two of our most popular biscuit ranges they are definitely some of the best biscuits in sydney.

Gluten Free Biscuits

Customers with special requirements are not forgotten. Our experienced chefs bake a range of gluten free biscuits daily using Australian almonds and fresh eggs. The gluten free range is one of our most popular lines. Even though they are gluten free they are still among the best biscuits in Sydney!

Biscotti – This traditional Italian biscuit is loved by all. We have Almond Coffee, Almond Lemon, Almond Hazelnut, Almond Pistachio, Almond Orange and Pure Almond flavours. The biscotti range is decorated with shaved almonds and pure icing sugar, and there are a range of different shapes to suit all preferences. Try them today!

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