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Are you ready to celebrate your family’s leading lady? Mother’s Day is just
around the corner and it is time to honor those wonderful women we call our

Mother’s Day Traditions

Australians celebrate mother’s day, a tradition that follows observances in
other countries such as the United States of America. However, Australians
are known for their introduction of gifts on Mother’s Day. Just like any
other national holiday, Mother’s Day involves giving gifts and cards to
honour and appreciate mum.

Traditionally, Mother’s Day gifts comprised of a simnel cake and bouquet of
flowers. These beautiful flowers were mostly picked by the workers on their
way home for a holiday with their mums. The simnel cakes, a type of light
fruit cake to be enjoyed by a deserving mother.

Not sure what to get mum this Mother’s Day?

Casa Del has got you covered, we have a beautiful selection of sweet treats
to spoil your mum and make her feel super special.

Our biggest seller for Mothers Day is the gushing heart, these individual
portioned gelato desserts are a big hit! Strawberry swirl gelato in the
shape of a heart is coated in pink chocolate and filled with a gushing
strawberry liqueur centre. Whats not to love?

Mum not a gelato fan? Why not try a box of our mouthwatering macaroons.
These dainty little French treats are the perfect way to indulge your mum’s
sweet tooth.

Is chocolate your mother’s sweet of choice? Pick her up one of our famous
chocolate mud hearts. Filled with moist Jamaican mud cake and topped with
lashings of chocolate ganache these cute little hearts are topped with a
Happy Mother’s Day message and an iced rose.

If the whole family is celebrating together you will need a bigger dessert
for all to share. Try one of our delicious red velvet cakes with layers of
cherry cheese icing & a Happy Mothers Day message on top. Check out our
product pages to see our full ranges and call our office for your special
Mother’s Day order today. Mum will love you for it! 02 9550 5982

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