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Our popular banoffee torte is one of our best sellers, and it has an interesting story behind it. The original version of this cake was created by our Head Pastry Chef Jose Mendonca in his early days as an apprentice. He was told to make a tart containing caramel custard, fresh bananas, fresh cream and bits of chocolate. This was very exciting for him, as it was an opportunity to experiment and create something of his own. He decided to start with an Italian short base, a classic option for tarts with its soft, crumbly texture that melts in the mouth. He then took it to the next level by brushing the short bread with dark chocolate, before adding vanilla custard with caramel flavour. The fresh banana was then sliced into pieces, with each one neatly placed on top of the caramel custard. The banana and caramel provide the signature taste, but the cream is just as important. Fresh whipped cream was spread over the top before being topped with shaved dark chocolate, adding visual interest, texture and decoration.

Whilst this tart was delicious, Jose’s experimentation over time lead to the development of a banana cake, with caramel butterscotch sandwiched between it. This would come to be known as the banoffee torte which we sell today. The cake is topped with fresh cream cheese icing, which also extends around the sides. The cake is then decorated with chocolate swirls to add some texture, before being sprinkled with torrone to add a delicious crunch. The combination of flavours and textures is simply irresistible.

With the spring time now upon us, we are delighted to bring a new banoffee line to our customers. Our new banoffee gelato combines caramel, choc chip and fresh bananas with milk to create a refreshing treat for the warmer weather. The harmony of flavours combines to create a taste sensation like no other. If you are a banoffee fan, you owe it to yourself to try a scoop!

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