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Pistachios have taken the culinary world by storm, it appears everyone is experimenting with this fabulous nut. As a member of the cashew family, pistachios have a distinctive flavour, texture and colour that is loved by all. Whilst they are great to enjoy on their own, their rich and nutty flavour combines beautifully with other ingredients, making them particularly suited to desserts.

In many countries such as Italy, Turkey and Iran, pistachios are a delicacy. They are sold freshly roasted and sweetened, and are also used in pastries and other baked goods. Pistachios are now widely available around the world and feature in desserts such as gelato, cakes, biscotti and macarons; as well as savoury meals and salads. Pistachios can also be made into a paste or butter, which can be spread and used as a topping. The versatility and unique flavour of pistachios makes them a favourite of professional chefs and everyday consumers alike.

Our Famous Pistchio Mousse Cake

Our featured cake of the month is the famous Pistachio Mousse Cake. This cake uses only the finest Italian pistachios, which are made into a silky-smooth mousse. The mousse is sandwiched between a strawberry liqueur sponge, which is then topped with strawberry sauce. The finishing touch is provided by a decorative joconde which lines the side of the cake. This cake is a must for nut lovers, with the deliciously nutty taste of fine pistachios working in harmony with the strawberry sponge and sauce. This is a light and fluffy cake and a truly delectable dessert.

If you want to try our pistachio cake, then now is the perfect opportunity. We are offering our pistachio mousse cake at 20% off for the month of September. To redeem offer use code SEPT17 when ordering online or call our office and mention this post. Orders must be placed at least 1 day prior to pick up.  Treat yourself today!

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