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Gelato has a long history dating back to the 16th century. Unlike ice cream, this popular Italian dessert contains less butterfat and air, resulting in delicious and intense flavours and a melt in the mouth experience. The unique combination of fresh fruits, chocolate and nut flavours combined with milk make gelato a healthier alternative to ice cream, and some may say even more delicious! Casa Del have an extensive gelato range featuring more than 20 different flavours, and we also supply the best gelato cakes Marrickville can offer. For the month of September, we are offering 20% off all stocked gelato cakes. Simply call our office and mention this post to take advantage of this special offer. If you’re looking to try something new, here are a few of our top sellers.

Gelato Cakes Marrickville – Gelato Towers
Thought gelato couldn’t get any more delicious? Then you need to sample one of our gelato towers. The base is made from decadent chocolate and hazelnut gelato which is then topped with assorted scoops of gelato. It is then beautifully decorated with chocolate fencing, ribbon and fresh strawberries. The varied colours, exquisite taste and towering height of this cake are guaranteed to delight any gelato lover. This cake can be purchased in both round and log shapes. For a tropical theme; try the Caribbean gelato tower, which has a mango and coconut base. How could you say no?

Chocolate hazelnut elegance
The chocolate hazelnut elegance cake is a sight to behold. This cake exudes opulence with its chocolate and hazelnut base, smooth white ganache and dark chocolate glaze, edible gold dust and white chocolate swirl. The rich dark chocolate cascading down the sides of the cake contrast beautifully with the white ganache. Treat yourself today!

Pannacotta Gelato Cake
Love a smooth and creamy dessert? This cake is made from ‘cooked cream’ gelato laced with swirls of caramel syrup throughout. The marbling effect is simply stunning and the taste is out of this world. The cake is tastefully decorated with dark chocolate swirls.

Brazilian Tango
If you love fruit and chocolate, then you will love the Brazilian Tango. Smooth strawberry and passionfruit gelato is coated in a delicious chocolate ganache. The cake is then topped with exotic fresh fruits. All our gelato is made from fresh local fruit, making this cake a delicious treat for fruit lovers.

If this post has got your mouth watering then what are you waiting for? Give our office a call and see what we have in stock. Mention this post and you will receive 20% off! The perfect excuse to treat yourself to the best gelato cakes Marrickville can offer.

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