Best Wedding Cakes Sydney Has to Offer

View our gallery of some of the most gorgeous wedding cakes Sydney has ever seen! Designed to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your special day. You are certainly not limited to what you see on our site, you can choose between modern wedding cakes, vintage wedding cakes, classic wedding cakes and more! What about flavour? Chocolate wedding cakes are the most popular but we have many flavours such as red velvet, caramel mud, marble mud & more! Bring us your inspiration and incorporate elements of your wedding to design a cake that is unique to you! Up to 4 weeks notice can be required for some cakes.

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W1 - Mr & Mrs wedding cakes sydney
W1 – Mr & Mrs

This 4 tiered wedding cake is iced in navy blue and decorated with hand piped white dots. Topped with a diamante Mr & Mrs cake topper.

W2 - Buttercream Beauty
W2 – Buttercream Beauty

This 2 tier buttercream cake is 1.5 stack on top and single stack on the bottom. Finished with a messy look buttercream, this cake can come with your choice of fresh or silk flower and twig decoration.

W3 - Shimmer
W3 – Shimmer

A simple but elegant choice, this 2 tier double stack cake is finished with a smooth pearl shimmer icing and decorated with burgundy ribbon tied in neat bows.

W4 - Ruffle Berries
W4 – Ruffle Berries

A 2 tier cake at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with a ruffled look buttercream and topped with your choice of fresh or silk floral decoration.

W5 - Floral Lace two tier wedding cake sydney
W5 – Floral Lace

This stunning cake is 2 tiers at 1.5 stack, the bottom tier is finished in a lace look icing and topped with a gold sprayed iced rose. Both tiers are decorated with champagne ribbon with mocha rose , damask pattern in ivory with shimmer on bottom tier.

W6 - Moonlight
W6 – Moonlight

This 2 tier cake is coated in ivory icing and decorative lace-look iced flowers, finished with ivory ribbon and your choice of topper.

W7 - Quilted With Love
W7 – Quilted With Love

This dynamic cake showcases 3 tiers with varied iced decoration from stripes, to plain to a quilted look. It is finished with a thin black ribbon and diamante initials.

W8 - White Wedding wedding cakes sydney
W8 – White Wedding

This 2 tier cake is at 1.5 stack. The edges are decorated with white chocolate fencing and shavings and the top is filled with fresh flowers.

W9 – Black Pearl

Double stacked Naked Caramel mud wedding cake – Fresh flowers and figurine supplied by brides florist.

W10 - Strawberry Tower
W10 – Strawberry Tower

2 tiers at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with white chocolate fencing and topped with fresh strawberries and a light dusting of icing sugar. This cake can come from our gelato range or any of our firm cakes.

W11 - Naked Wedding cakes sydney
W11 – Naked Wedding

A fashionable choice, this naked 2 tier cake is made from 6 layers of sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream sandwiching it together. It can be decorated with your choice of silk or fresh flowers. Colour of the cake will very with flavour choice.

W12 - Ruffled Romance wedding cakes sydney
W12 – Ruffled Romance

This double stack cake is iced with a ruffled buttercream and decorated with your choice of fresh or silk flowers.

W13 - Purple Sunset wedding cakes sydney
W13 – Purple Sunset

A beautiful option, this 3 tier double stack cake is finished with a fading buttercream effect from purple to lilac to white and topped with your choice of figurine.

W14 – Do It Yourself Cake

2 tier cake at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with a ruffled messy buttercream – fresh flowers and figurine supplied by brides  florist.

W15 - Embossed Beauty wedding cakes sydney
W15 – Embossed Beauty

This 3 tier cake is coated with pearl coloured icing and decorated with embossed flowers and hand piped patterns. Finished with ivory ribbon and fresh flowers, this cake is a beautiful choice.

W16 – Naked Red Velvet

A 2 tier wedding cake with dripping white chocolate, finished off with pink silk flowers.

wedding cakes sydney
W17 – Red Rose

This simple and effective cake is a popular choice. With 2 tiers at 1.5 stack, it is decorated with tiny hand piped beads, red ribbon and red iced roses.

wedding cakes sydney
W18 – Black Bow

This 2 tier cake is iced with plain white royal icing and decorated with thick black ribbons and diamante clusters. It is topped with your choice of bride and groom figurine.

W19 - Bellowing Blossoms
W19 – Bellowing Blossoms

All 3 tiers of this cake are smothered with iced flowers billowing down towards the bottom. Topped with an iced rose, this cake is an elegant centrepiece for a traditional style wedding.

W20 - Laced Lover
W20 – Laced Lover

This 3 tier cake is has fabric lace surrounding the bottom, a quilted finish on the middle tier and a hand piped pattern on the top. Finished with gold ribbon and iced rose, this cake is a gorgeous option.

W21 - Simply Elegant wedding cakes sydney
W21 – Simply Elegant

This 3 tier cake is coated in white fondant icing and finished with black ribbon and your choice of iced, silk or fresh flowers.

W22 - Classic Lace
W22 – Classic Lace

This classic 2 tier wedding cake is decorated with charming fabric lace and silk flowers.

W23 - Delightful Diamante
W23 – Delightful Diamante

This 2 tier square cake is placed off centre with decorative diamante ribbon and a striking iced red rose.

W24 - Dripping Chocolate Two Tier Wedding Cake
W24 – Dripping Chocolate

This 2 stunning 2 tier cake is coated in smooth buttercream and decorated with dripping chocolate and fresh strawberries. To top it off we have bride and groom chocolate dipped strawberries with hand piped decoration.

wedding cakes sydney
W25 – DIY Wedding

This simple 2 tier buttercream cake makes it easy to do it yourself! We can decorate with silk or iced flowers, or simply ask your florist to decorate with fresh flowers at the venue!

W26 - Ruffle Me UpTwo Tier Wedding Cake
W26 – Ruffle Me Up

A delightful iced cake with hand crafted magnolia flowers and ruffles, this cake is 2 tiers at 1.5 stack.

W27 - Striking Stripes
W27 – Striking Stripes

This striking black red and white cake is 3 tiers at 1.5 stack. Decorated with fondant icing and red iced roses cascading down from the top.

W28 - Fleur De Lys
W28 – Fleur De Lys

This beautiful 2 tier cake is square on the bottom with Fleur De Lys pattern and round on top with diamantes and fresh flowers. A stunning and traditional choice.

W29 - Princess Tower
W29 – Princess Tower

All 3 tiers of this gorgeous cake are edged with white chocolate panels and scrolls. Finished with David Austin flowers this cake is a show stopper!

W30 - Romantic Rosette
W30 – Romantic Rosette

This 3 tier fondant cake features a princess stencil on the middle tier and hand crafted rosette look on the bottom, finished with a pink flower and thin white ribbon, this cake truly is exquisite.

W31 - Something Borrowed
W31 – Something Borrowed

This simple 2 tier cake has a hand piped pattern on the bottom tier, surrounded with a white ribbon and is decorated with your choice of fresh, iced or silk flowers.

4 tier butter cream wedding cakes sydney
W32 – The Grande

This extravagant 4 tier cake is finished with buttercream and decorated with fresh pastel coloured flowers between each layer.

W33 - Modern Magic
W33 – Modern Magic

This 3 tier cake sits at 1.5 stack, a quilted look on top with stunning iced lily’s and a thick black bow around the middle this cake is a modern take on the traditional 3 tier cake.

W34 - Purple Passion
W34 – Purple Passion

This 2 tier 1.5 stack cake is coated with fondant icing and decorated with iced hearts and flowers, finished with purple ribbon.

W35 - Raised Ruffle
W35 – Raised Ruffle

This 2 tier, 1.5 stack buttercream cake is elevated with an insert for fresh or silk flowers.

W36 - Plum Leaf
W36 – Plum Leaf

This elegant 3 tier cake is simply iced with fondant and decorated with cascading plum coloured leaves.

W37 – Gold Cake

A 3 tier at 1 & 1/2 stack – Gold ribbon around all 3 tiers with gold roses.

wedding cakes sydney
W38 – Two Hearts

This beautiful 3 tier cake is decorated with swarovski crystals on each quilt on the bottom tier and scattered crystals on top. A striking double heart topper is placed with crystal decoration.

W39 – Messy Chocolate

2 tier standard tiers chocolate messy finish – gold birds supplied by customer to finish off on top.

W40 - Wrapped With Love
W40 – Wrapped With Love

This elegant ivory cake is a double stack with wrinkled wrap look icing around the edges. This cake is topped with iced ivory roses and green leaves.

W41 - Wedding Tower two tier wedding cake
W41 – Wedding Tower

Inside this stunning 2 tier gelato tower are 2 gelato flavours of your choice, this is topped with assorted scoops of gelato and edged with white chocolate panels and striking pink ribbon.

W42 - Superior Scroll
W42 – Superior Scroll

This cute single tier cake is decorated with a cluster of iced roses with scroll writing on top.

W43 - Glimmering Glow
W43 – Glimmering Glow

This pretty square cake is decorated with diamante ribbon around the outside and topped with fresh lily’s.

W44 - Graceful White 2 tier
W44 – Graceful White

This simple and elegant 2 tier design is finished with white ribbon and iced roses and jasmine.

W45 - Enchanting Pearl
W45 – Enchanting Pearl

This lovely single tier cake is decorated with pearl sugar beads, a purple ribbon and fresh flowers.