Best Wedding Cakes Sydney Has to Offer

View our gallery of some of the most gorgeous wedding cakes Sydney has ever seen! Designed to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your special day. You are certainly not limited to what you see on our site, you can choose between modern wedding cakes, vintage wedding cakes, classic wedding cakes and more! What about flavour? Chocolate wedding cakes are the most popular but we have many flavours such as red velvet, caramel mud, marble mud & more! Bring us your inspiration and incorporate elements of your wedding to design a cake that is unique to you! Up to 4 weeks notice can be required for some cakes.

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Gold Shimmer


Gold Shimmer 4 tier finished with buttercream icing and decorated with gold decor and topped with Mr & Mrs topper.

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Simple Winter


Three tier double stack with ruffled vanilla buttercream finish and topped with chic flowers for the simple touch.

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Blush Pink


This simple 2 tier buttercream cake makes it easy to do it yourself! We can decorate with silk or iced flowers, or simply ask your florist to decorate with fresh flowers at the venue!

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Dreamy Drip


Two tier of dripping magic. Finished with naked buttercream finish, decorated with gold leaf, pink dripping ganache and floral arrangement.

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Grey Gold Bliss


The white and grey element to this cake really pops off! Three tier decorated with white and grey fondant icing. Designed with gold abstract decor, gold ribbon and white floral arrangement.

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Spring Love


The Spring cake of the century. Two tier with vanilla buttercream finish, pink piping and designed with floral arrangement.

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Chocolate Drizzle


A four tier chocolate dripping cake perfect wedding sensation. Finished with vanilla buttercream, chocolate dripping ganache and mixed berries.

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Naked 1 Tier


1 tier simplicity naked cake perfect for a small wedding venue. Finished with buttercream and flowers of your choice as well as flavour.

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Pink Perfection


Pink dreamy wedding cake is all greatness. Three tier double stack with ruffled vanilla and buttercream ombre finish and topped with pastel pink and white floral arrangement.

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Fancy Tower

SKU- W10

A gorgeous wedding tower for the ultimate wedding celebration. Finished with vanilla buttercream naked style, floral arrangement and gold leaf decor.

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Classic Wedding

SKU- W11

Gorgeous, classical wedding cake. Featured with white fondant icing and hand piped pattern on bottom tier. Designed with pink and white stripes on middle tier and thin black ribbon. Top tier basic white ribbon witha beautiful, white rose and bride and groom topper.

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The Golden Glow

SKU- W12

Two Tier Triple and double stack wedding glamour. Featuring golden glitter decor and dripping gold ganache. Designed with vanilla buttercream icing and flowrs of your choice.


Ruffle Floral

SKU- W13

A 2 tier cake at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with a ruffled look buttercream and topped with your choice of fresh or silk floral decoration.


Naked 1 Tier Gold

SKU- W14

1 tier naked cake finished with buttercream, gold leafs and flowers of your choice as well as flavour.


Crazy in Love

SKU- W15

This 3 tier wedding cake designed with fondant icing and lego toy figures. In addition, decorated with a pink ribbon and white hand piping flower design.

wedding 2

Red Velvet Grande

SKU- W16

stunning addition to any wedding! Semi-naked wedding cakes are flawless and beautiful. 3 Tier finished with buttercream and topped with fresh flowers of your choice.

wedding 10

A Dog’s Wedding

SKU- W17

Wanting to order a dog themed wedding cake? We got you covered this 3 tier wedding cake designed with fondant icing and dog edible figures. In addition, decorated with a pearl ribbon and white hand piping design.

wedding 11

Delicate White

SKU- W18

This magnificent white, royal blue themed wedding cake is everything you want if not more. A 4 tier with fondant icing, hand piping detail and lace design on third design. Finished with white ribbon and diamante strip, don’t forget the gorgeous blue roses.

wedding 9

Elegant Orchid

SKU- W19

A 4 tier elegance with your choice of flavour and finished with vanilla buttercream icing. Decorated with pearls, orchids or any alternative flower arrangement you may like.

wedding 4

Silver Snow

SKU- W20

Do you love an all white classic cake that blends in with your wedding theme? This 12″ & 7″ double stack, two tier is a gorgeous element designed with an elegant pattern on bottom tier. Finished with fondant icing, silver ribbon and a peony flower to top it off.

wedding 5

Kiss from a rose

SKU- W21

a 1 tier pink thats all sophistication and full of class. Finished with fondant icing, vintage ribbons and pink rose floral arrangement on top.

wedding 1

Tower of Love

SKU- W22

A 5 tier lovers tower with your choice of flavour. Decorated with pearls and floral arrangement  you may like. Finished with fondant icing with lace and hand piping decor.

wedding 12

Glamorous Gold

SKU- W23

This 4 tier magic is all the gold you want. The simple vanilla buttercream finish with golden leaves to pop the cake off and your choice of ribbon.

wedding 8

Classy & Chic

SKU- W24

Our popular black ribbon cake is a total vibe for a simpler and classy wedding. This Cake is a 3 tier designed with fondant icing and orchid flower arrangement to go with.


W1 - Mr & Mrs wedding cakes sydney

Mr & Mrs


This 4 tiered wedding cake is iced in navy blue and decorated with hand piped white dots. Topped with a diamante Mr & Mrs cake topper.

W2 - Buttercream Beauty

Buttercream Beauty


This 2 tier buttercream cake is 1.5 stack on top and single stack on the bottom. Finished with a messy look buttercream, this cake can come with your choice of fresh or silk flower and twig decoration.

W3 - Shimmer

Brown Elegance


A simple but elegant choice, this 2 tier double stack cake is finished with a smooth pearl shimmer icing and decorated with burgundy ribbon tied in neat bows.

W4 - Ruffle Berries

Ruffle Berries


A 2 tier cake at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with a ruffled look buttercream and topped with your choice of fresh or silk floral decoration.

W5 - Floral Lace two tier wedding cake sydney

Floral Lace


This stunning cake is 2 tiers at 1.5 stack, the bottom tier is finished in a lace look icing and topped with a gold sprayed iced rose. Both tiers are decorated with champagne ribbon with mocha rose , damask pattern in ivory with shimmer on bottom tier.

W6 - Moonlight



This 2 tier cake is coated in ivory icing and decorative lace-look iced flowers, finished with ivory ribbon and your choice of topper.

W7 - Quilted With Love

Quilted With Love


This dynamic cake showcases 3 tiers with varied iced decoration from stripes, to plain to a quilted look. It is finished with a thin black ribbon and diamante initials.

W8 - White Wedding wedding cakes sydney

White Wedding


This 2 tier cake is at 1.5 stack. The edges are decorated with white chocolate fencing and shavings and the top is filled with fresh flowers.

W10 - Strawberry Tower

Strawberry Tower


2 tiers at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with white chocolate fencing and topped with fresh strawberries and a light dusting of icing sugar. This cake can come from our gelato range or any of our firm cakes.

W13 - Purple Sunset wedding cakes sydney

Purple Sunset


A beautiful option, this 3 tier double stack cake is finished with a fading buttercream effect from purple to lilac to white and topped with your choice of figurine.


DIY Cake


2 tier cake at 1.5 stack, this cake is finished with a ruffled messy buttercream – fresh flowers and figurine supplied by brides  florist.

wedding cakes sydney

Red Rose


This simple and effective cake is a popular choice. With 2 tiers at 1.5 stack, it is decorated with tiny hand piped beads, red ribbon and red iced roses.

W20 - Laced Lover

Laced Lover


This 3 tier cake is has fabric lace surrounding the bottom, a quilted finish on the middle tier and a hand piped pattern on the top. Finished with gold ribbon and iced rose, this cake is a gorgeous option.

W23 - Delightful Diamante

Delightful Diamante


This 2 tier square cake is placed off centre with decorative diamante ribbon and a striking iced red rose.

W26 - Ruffle Me UpTwo Tier Wedding Cake

Ruffle Me Up


A delightful iced cake with hand crafted magnolia flowers and ruffles, this cake is 2 tiers at 1.5 stack.

W30 - Romantic Rosette

Romantic Rosette


This 3 tier fondant cake features a princess stencil on the middle tier and hand crafted rosette look on the bottom, finished with a pink flower and thin white ribbon, this cake truly is exquisite.

4 tier butter cream wedding cakes sydney

The Grande


This extravagant 4 tier cake is finished with buttercream and decorated with fresh pastel coloured flowers between each layer.

W29 - Princess Tower

Princess Tower


All 3 tiers of this gorgeous cake are edged with white chocolate panels and scrolls. Finished with David Austin flowers this cake is a show stopper!

W31 - Something Borrowed

Endless Love


This simple 2 tier cake has a hand piped pattern on the bottom tier, surrounded with a white ribbon and is decorated with your choice of fresh, iced or silk flowers.


Messy Chocolate


2 tier standard tiers chocolate messy finish – gold birds supplied by customer to finish off on top.


Golden Essence


A 3 tier at 1 & 1/2 stack – Gold ribbon around all 3 tiers with gold roses.

W33 - Modern Magic

Modern Magic


This 3 tier cake sits at 1.5 stack, a quilted look on top with stunning iced lily’s and a thick black bow around the middle this cake is a modern take on the traditional 3 tier cake.

W44 - Graceful White 2 tier

Graceful White


This simple and elegant 2 tier design is finished with white ribbon and iced roses and jasmine.

W45 - Enchanting Pearl

Enchanting Pearl


This lovely single tier cake is decorated with pearl sugar beads, a purple ribbon and fresh flowers.

W41 - Wedding Tower two tier wedding cake

Wedding GELATO Tower


Inside this stunning 2 tier gelato tower are 2 gelato flavours of your choice, this is topped with assorted scoops of gelato and edged with white chocolate panels and striking pink ribbon.